Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Water Damage 101

By Scott Clemente

One of the most challenging problems that can impact a homeowner's life is water damage. Unfortunately, many residential property owners don't know what to do when this disaster strikes. However, learning more about water damage can prepare you to resolve any issue that surfaces quickly and correctly. Read this quick information guide to get the information you need on this important matter:

Water Damage 101
Water damage is a form of damage that results from natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, or thunderstorms. Water damage can also transpire in light of household issues like faulty pipes or a malfunctioning refrigerator or washer. In some cases, the homeowner's sump pump breaks down and precipitates water damage. Unfortunately, this form of damage can adversely impact an individual's property in numerous ways. In addition to impairing the structural integrity of your residential living space, water damage can destroy your carpets, furniture, and other household equipment.

More On The Effects Of Water Damage
Numerous types of water damage can adversely impact your property once excess water is on the premises. For example, personal contents stored near the water can be subjected to extensive damage and even destruction. This includes items like clothing, drapes, furniture, and boxed items. Water can also adversely impact your electrical appliances and electrical connections. Additionally, wooden items like structure beams and flooring can become susceptible to rotting as a result of water damage.

Another danger that can result from water damage is the onset of health risks. For example, excess water can lead to bacteria that generates illness for those who are repeatedly exposed to it. Standing water also creates the ideal environment for mold to thrive in. When exposed to mold for extended periods of time, household members can experience a broad range of unwanted health issues. More importantly, mold can be very challenging to remove.

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